Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wong Fu 4 Life!

I’ve been watching and following (uploads) from various youtube artists for at least 5 years now and I absolutely love their community. Brilliant directors, actors, singers, dancers, comedians, and all kinds of artists could be found in just a search away in youtube. What makes them absolutely better is that besides being independent you see genuine passion of the artists for what they do and passion to share their talents and skills to a large audience.

Wong Fu Production is one of those YT channels I followed ever since… forever. I absolutely love them.  WFP is a production company of three very awesome and inspiring people: Wes, Ted and Phil. They write, direct, edit, cast, they do everything basically from pre-production to post- production of their films (of course with the help of their Youtube friends like Nigahiga, DTrix, Chris Dinh etc etc etc etc). That made them really promising.

Just take a  look of some of their works. They were actually known for their short film- Strangers Again, starring Cathy Nguyen and their very own Phil Wang. 11 million views and counting. The story’s about the cycle of ones relationship from being strangers, lovers, and strangers again.

[Watch these you won’t regret it!]



 Another famous work of theirs is The Last (with Harry Shum and Kina Grannis). Here, the cinematography is brilliant. The shift of the characters Who, What, When, Where, Why means also the shift of the mood and the texture. It’s like it’s telling its own story.



These shorts are written by Wesly Chan, and I must say I love all his works cause they’re really deep. It’s not your usual linear story line but he let other aspects speak for the film.





Most of their shorts are very viral cause of the story- it’s very relatable. It really gives huge impact to their kind of audience. Everything else, mostly the music score, cinematography, and production design are the stand outs for me but the whole production is stunning… knowing 3 people mainly worked on these. Wow!

They actually inspired me to take up an arts course knowing they don’t have other jobs besides youtube and their company. I would always think that they should/would get ‘real jobs’ but seeing what they’ve done and the impact of their works to the people… it doesn’t matter now; all they know is that they’re doing what they love and being able to inspire and be inspired by thousands of people and there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

I could talk about them the whole day. For now, I’m sharing something awesome so please click on the clickies and share it with your friends. Thanks!

WF4L!! <3

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